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A key part of the therapy is calibrating the intensity of either physical or emotional pain, which allows both therapist and patient a tangible scale by which to measure success.

Mark explains that EFT is "especially effective in clearing traumatic memories: accidents, abuse, violence, childhood memories; or even clearing persistent negative messages from family or key people in our lives." We move onto emotional problems, selecting a memory that is difficult, but manageable in the limited time available, and within a classroom environment.

With this you can change how you feel about something, but accept that you can't change what happened – that's the emotional freedom.

Johnson explains, "lots of therapy separates the issue and the human being.

Singer Michael Ball was seen doing it on a daytime TV chat show.

He learnt it from the late singer, Stephen Gately, who used it to calm his own performance nerves.

Treating such patients, Marta Krol, a Polish clinical psychologist who trained under Mark and has returned to Poland, has found EFT's effects "amazing".

She recounts a 12-year-old Chechnyan girl suffering speech and anxiety problems as a result of witnessing, aged six, her uncle's dismembered body brought into the family home and laid on the kitchen table by hysterical relatives.

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