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Worst of all, the neatly edged, but large and completely untrimmed triangle of dense tangled barbed wire a few of the porn starlets are sporting these days.

Wish I could predict her in HC, but that isn't such a sure thing. Serious collectors with money will no doubt find these series well worth it, with the less inhibited posing. I know times are very, very tough for porn producers these days, what with the rampant piracy, but I'm not sure jacking up the prices is the answer.unreleased hair?

And maybe in a year or two she will branch out to doing a lot more provocative stuff. The quality of the adultcontentxxx pics is much better than the cupivi photos.

Worth the extra money, if you are highly into Natalia and always wanted explicit spread shots from her.

That could probably make her more interesting and continue her popularity.

She has a devastating combination of a very natural ' Girl Next Door' appeal (just look at that smile!

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