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Some dedicated software may downgrade or rollback a more recent version of the runtime, but it is not recommended to remove the components as they are key in the functioning of the operating system.

Not having Direct X onto your PC means that you are no longer able to play the latest games or use many rich multimedia programs, so it's best to simply leave this Windows component do its job.

Bundled with Windows operating system, this runtime needs only to be updated and no other user intervention is required.

Checking the current version installed on your system is an easy task, all you have to do is run the ' Direct X Diagnostic Tool.' The simplest way to bring it up is to type 'dxdiag' in the ' Run' field of the ' Start Menu' and then press ' Enter.' Since Direct X consists of several components, you can view and diagnose them from the above mentioned application.

Obviously, if you are trying to keep a down-level cygwin system, this upgrade policy makes for a hostile environment.

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At best, only the most previous version of an upgraded package is preserved.If setup-x86 continues, it always installs the latest and greatest because the on the mirror is up-level to 2.874.Ironically, doing a google search for a verbatim match on cygwin "setup.ini" "2.874", today google ALWAYS returns files at the 2.876 version.About a week ago I got the 2.874 from download3k.de/Unfortunately, they've updated to 2.876 in the last couple of days :( I had multiple problems to install cygwin on Windows XP Home Edition 2002, SP3, e.g.

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